The Floods

Not content with dumping 6inches of rain on us just after Christmas, the bad weather returned and did the same immediately after the New Year.

At Stracathro, we have been very lucky. Whilst the North Esk hit its record height on 30th December, the fishing hut was surrounded but not submerged. 

There has been a huge movement of gravel (SEPA must reconsider their antipathy to gravel removal) and some bank erosion. . As for changes in the pools, we will not be able to tell until the water goes down.

There has to have been be a detrimental effect on the salmon reads and on parr. That force of water, that movement of gravel will have done damage

As I said, we were lucky. No houses flooded, no land washed away, no one hurt. I just do not want to go through it all again.