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Stracathro Estates Co. is a rural land based company based in Angus, on the east coast of Scotland. It is family owned but with outside directors.

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Stracathro Estates | About Us

We believe we must use our major assets, especially land, to capacity but always within the confines of working with nature; in protecting and enhancing the environment; in our social obligations, to provide quality housing at affordable rents; in community engagement, in openness and transparency; and in our obligations to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Stracathro Estates | Agriculture

Our in-hand arable acreage extends to 2500 acres, mainly grade 3.1 (MacAulay land use classification).

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Stracathro Estates | Property

There are thirty seven houses and cottages on Stracathro. Some form part of agricultural tenancies, some are service occupied by current or retired staff, and the remainder are let. Our let properties range from two bedrooms to four, and whilst some form part of a former steading conversion, most are fully modernised traditional farmworkers cottages, detached and semi-detached.

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Stracathro Estates | Sporting

Stracathro Estates offers a variety of unique and well managed field sports in rolling Angus countryside. We offer excellent salmon and sea trout fishing on the North Esk, driven pheasant and partridge shooting and roe stalking.

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Stracathro Estates | Renewable Energy

At Stracathro, we have embraced renewable energy, and income from the various schemes now contribute significantly to the turnover of Stracathro Estates.

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Stracathro Estates | Forestry

Over 15% of our land is under trees, amounting to 600 acres. Whilst the majority is commercial, over 75 acres are amenity.

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Stracathro Estates | Agriculture | Cropping

Cropping is in a five year rotation with Oil Seed Rape as the main break crop i.e. WB, OSR, WW, WW, SB/SO. The cropping strategy includes block cropping by variety or crop, but with no block greater than 200 acres.

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Stracathro Estates | About Us | Contact Us

Stracathro Estates Ltd, Brae of Pert, ​​Laurencekirk​, ​Kincardineshire

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Stracathro Estates | About Us | History

The first written evidence of Stracathro as a place name appears in the registration of a gift by Bishop Turpin of Brechin to the new Abbey in Arbroath at the end of the twelfth century when he generously gave Toftum et Croftum and two acres of the Villa de Strukatherach as a house warming present.

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Stracathro Estates | Agriculture | Machinery

With the proximity of Aberdeen, and the inevitable draw of the oil industry, there has been a dearth of experienced machinery operators for the agricultural sector. This has accelerated the inevitable move to larger machinery, with its reduced requirement for labour. We now run two large tractors and one smaller one in the place of the five in 2007.

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Stracathro Estates | About Us | Environment

No-one can deny we are seeing a huge change in our climate. From the 70's when frost in September was welcomed to ripen the Golden Promise, when salmon fishing in March was a lottery with frozen ferrules and the river full of grue.

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Stracathro Estates | Agriculture | Precision Farming

At Stracathro we have embraced IFM (Integrated Farm Management) to maintain the highest standards demanded by our customers.

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Stracathro Estates | About Us | Useful Links

Some websites of friends, associates and other sites of interest.

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Stracathro Estates | Blog

Our occasional reports and thoughts on farming, the environment and conservation, the community and our sporting interests.

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Stracathro Estates - Properties

Stracathro Estate's properties currently for let

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