Stracathro Fishing May

Oh why, did I ever start these monthly blogs.......

..nothing like making a rod for ones own back (still it gives us a use for our rods!)

Whoever thought that April's extraordinary weather would continue throughout May? I appreciate that for many last month had cracking weather, with great sunshine and light winds. The minority who rely on rain either for their business or their sport would not agree. Also, in the immortal phrase of the angler who is out-fished by his companion, " It wasn't fair". It was difficult to feel sympathy for the good burgers of Kirriemuir (15 miles away) for their problems with flooding on 28th May, when not a drop of the precious stuff fell on the North Esk.

So, I was preparing to write the most depressing report to say that since records began, we have never failed to catch a salmon in May. That part remains true, as I realise by dint of fourteen hours we have succeeded in avoiding the dreaded zero. Nikki Thompson caught a fresh nine pounder on 1st May!

The seatrout have been a saviour in that we have had ten, although these days they are hardly fished for. We do have a small syndicate to fish a few evenings and nights throughout the summer. Their first evening was last monday, and they caught five.

As I write this, I am being interrupted by a strange noise on the window. IT IS RAINING!